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Alejandro Rosenbaum


First Appearance:

Forest Grump

Potrayed by:

Jaren Brandi Bartlett


Giving Felix wedgies
Pulling Felix's pants down
Beating Felix up


Being stood up to


No known relatives

Other Relationships:


Alejandro is the school bully who is seen constantly picking on Felix.


  • Alejandro shares his surname with director Jon Rosenbaum.
  • In Unpleasantville, Alejandro, possessed by Swarm Monsters pays Felix back all the money he took from Felix over the years.
  • In The Monster Within, Cadence(in Blood Thrasher form) knocks Alejandro through a sign while Felix feebly punches forward, making Felix look like a hero, and ultimately breaking Alejandro's collar-bone. Cadence's involvement was purely by accident.
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