"Highly intelligent rainbow-colored creatures that work in packs. They are highly sensitive to sound. When they hear movement, Gorbs quickly kidnap their victims and then eat their brains."
―The Troop official site's description of the Brain Gorb
Brain Gorb

The Triangle


2 and 1/2 ft


15 lbs

Special Abilities:

Pack mentality
Highly intelligent
Razor sharp teeth and long tongues used to eat brains.

Brain Gorbs are intelligent monsters which eat human brains.


to be added


Brain Gorbs possess high intelligence and a pack mentality.


Brain Gorbs are shown to be highly intelligent and cunning. They also work in packs.



Brain Gorbs are like big brains with a mouth and arms and legs.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Brain Gorbs possess razor sharp teeth and a high intelligence they can use against their victims. They also have long, extendable tongues for eating out their victims' brains.


Brain Gorbs are highly sensitive to high-pitched noises, which can completely disorient them.


  • The Brain Gorbs are similar to the Martians from Mars Attacks!
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