First Appearance:

[[Double Felix]]

Potrayed by:

David Del Rio


World domination




No known relatives

Other Relationships:

Felix Garcia (creator)
Hayley Steele (rival)

Felix-Bot is an evil robotic duplicate of Felix Garcia, created by the latter, and later destroyed, in Double Felix.


Double FelixEdit

Felix-Bot was created by Felix to guard the captive monsters, the Artificial Intelligence of the game "Evil Robot" being used as Felix-Bot's own.

At first, Felix only uses Felix-Bot to guard Troop HQ, but when Felix discovers that he is going to play against his bullies for dodgeball, he sends Felix-Bot in his place.

At the dodgeball game, Felix-Bot easily defeats the bullies, and from then on begins to gain popularity. However, unbeknownst to Jake or Felix, Felix-Bot plans to conquer the world, following the Evil Robot game's programming.

When Felix-Bot enters the school speech against Hayley, Jake demands that Felix confine Felix-Bot to Troop HQ. When Felix attempts to do so, Felix-Bot reveals his true motives and ties Felix up before leaving for the school speech.

At the speech, Felix-Bot is outdone by Hayley, prompting him to attack her. Jake and Felix arrive at the scene, and using a games console, Jake is able to overload and destroy Felix-Bot.


Jake CollinsEdit

Jake and Felix-Bot appeared to generally dislike each other; while Jake called Felix-Bot a mindless machine, Felix-Bot frequently undermined and belittled Jake.

Hayley SteeleEdit

When Hayley was under the influence of Peruvian Swamp Slug venom, Felix-Bot appeared to view her as an untidy shambles.

Felix GarciaEdit

Though Felix-Bot at first appeared to view his creator as supreme and strong, as Felix-Bot began to follow the Evil Robot game's programming, he began to instead see Felix as pathetic and weak due to his emotions.


  • A running gag in Felix-Bot's appearance is that every time Felix slaps him a high-five, Felix-Bot unintentionally breaks Felix's hand due to his cybernetics-enhanced strength.
  • Kirby, Felix's successor, also has an evil robot duplicate of himself, the Robot Butler.
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