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First Appearance:

The Next Stop: Lakewood

Potrayed by:







No known relatives

Other Relationships:

Augustus (fellow patient)

Fraido was a patient at the Lakewood mental hospital who befriended Gus, and helped him create the Monster Magnet and attempt to take over Lakewood in The Next Stop: Lakewood. Despite his inventing and hacking skills, Fraido is apparently mentally challenged, and extremely dim-witted.

During Gus and Fraido's attempt to take over Lakewood, the Monster Magnet went into overdrive and allowed a swarm of Dimension Mites to escape and open a portal. Fraido, transfixed by the lights and colours of the portal, stepped through, into the Monster World.

It is unknown what happened to Fraido, but he was most likely killed in the Other Dimension by a monster, or is alive and still trapped there.

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