Shipped Characters:

Hayley Steele Felix Garcia

Length of Relationship:


Start of Relationship:



Good Friends

Ship Rivals:


The relationship between Hayley and Felix, better known as Halix, is the romanitic pairing of Hayley Steele and Felix Garcia.

Hayley's Opinion of FelixEdit

Hayley views Felix as a good friend, and the two have been a part of The Troop before Jake was admitted. Hayley always has Felix's back, especially when he is being picked on by other classmates. Felix views Hayley
as a very close friend, and she is one of his only friends. It is unknown if they feel any attraction toward each other. But it's quite unlikely due to hints of Jake and Hayley being attracted to one another and Felix wanting Jake to ask Hayley out hinting once again he could be a shipper.

Felix's Opinion of HayleyEdit

Hayley and Felix are good friends. They are very close. When each other are in trouble they are there to help. They have a very close brother-sister relationship. Hayley was upset but understanding when Felix left in season 2. Felix and her were in the Troop before Jake was.

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