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Jake Collins
Kirby Cadworth Bankroft III

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Good Friends

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The relationship between Jake and Kirby, better known as Jirby, is the friendship pairing of Jake Collins and Kirby Cadworth Bankroft III. They seem to be very close friends as soon as they met they quickly became best friends like Jake and Felix did. Jake didn't mind Kirby replacing Felix. They get along very nicely together.

Jake's Opinion of KirbyEdit

In the episode It's in the game, they both run off together when Hayley goes to the
It's All in the Game
vegan show. They are friends and Jake shows no hard feelings about Kirby replacing Felix. They work well together.

Kirby's Opinion of JakeEdit

Jake and Kirby have some common interests, for example Video games. They work well together in The Troop.

Season 2 MomentsEdit

It's All in the GameEdit

  • When Kirby and Jake meet theyquickly became friends.
  • Jake and Kirby both went to a convention together.
  • Jake and Kirby paired the entire episode.


  • When Kirby thought Jake said he looked hot he looked flattered.
  • When Jake said he meant Hayley he looked less flattered and just said "Well I guess she looks good to".
  • Jake drew a Kirby in his comic but it was a monkey who had a shirt named KirbY.
  • Kirby and Jake both think the girlsbathroom is awesome and take stuff from it.
  • Jake and Kirby both liked the music in the girls bathroom.
  • Jake was worried about Kirby getting sucked into the reflecto apponis...

Start Me UpEdit

  • It's possible Kirby told Jake about Morgan sice Jake said "I thought you said she was a devil".

Memorable QuotesEdit

Kirby: "Why does this monkey have a shirt on that say Kirby"


Jake: "I thought you (Kirby) said she was the devil"


Jake: "Wow you look hot!"

Hayley: "*giggles*"

Kirby:"Why thank you Jake that means alot"

Jake:"I meant Hayley"

Kirby: "Well I guess she looks good to"

Hayley: "Thanks boys"
Jirby high5

Trivia and SimilaritiesEdit

  • They both think poetry is boring.
  • They both have seem to have little crushes on the same girls (Cadence and Hayley).

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