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Cadence Nash
Kirby Cadworth Bankroft III

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Close Friends

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Cadence: "Aww Kirby you didn't have to give out money to be friends with me".

- An exchange bewteen Kirby and Cadence in Road Trip.

The relationship between Kirby and Cadence, better known as Kirbence is the romantic pairing of Kirby and Cadence they hardly interacted till Road Trip. They are very close friends.

Cadence's Opinion of KirbyEdit

She didn't like it when Kirby put his arm around her in Mirrors. But in Road Trip she helps Kirby with his campaign to become Green Czar. He thanks her and says he wanted to make friends, and he had, one in particular (referring to Cadence). She says they are friends too.

Kirby's Opinion of CadenceEdit

Kirby and Cadence didn't interact much to start with, although Cadence didn't like it when Kirby put his arm around her in Mirrors. In the episode Road Trip they work together to help Kirby win the election for Green Czar. Kirby said he wanted to make friends, and that he had, with one person in particular; Cadence. She agrees they are friends.

Kirbence MomentsEdit


  • Kirby put his arm around Cadence she didn't like it and took it off.
  • Kirby tried his hardest to save Cadence from being in the Reflecto Oponis forever.
  • When Cadence saw Kirby dressed up she looked a little impressed.
  • Since Jake's eyes were on Hayley her's seemed to be on Kirby.

Road TripEdit

  • Cadence was seen talking to Kirby before Mazie showed up.
  • Cadence helped Kirby with his election for Green Zar.
  • Cadence must have felt bad for Kirby being shamed.
  • Cadence seemed impressed that Kirby got the famous brothers to come.
  • Cadence also thought the money was a good one two.
  • Kirby said he only did the election to make friends, espicially one spesicfic: Cadence.
  • Cadence agrees their friends.
  • ==This Bird You Cannot Change==
  • When leading them to the dance floor Cadence hangs on to Kirby's Wrist the longest

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