Shipped Characters:

Hayley Steele
Kirby Cadworth Bankroft III

Length of Relationship:


Start of Relationship:



Good Friends

Ship Rivals:


Kirby: "You saved my life, how can I repay you?

-Kirby to Hayley in It's All in the Game.

The relationship between Hayley and Kirby', better known as Kirley is the romantic pairing of Hayley Steele and Kirby Cadworth Bankroft III.

Hayley's Opinion of KirbyEdit

When Kirby first joined the Troop, Hayley was doubtful of his capabilities, but she is shown to get along well with him. They work well together.

Kirby's Opinion of HayleyEdit

Hayley was a bit doubtful at first about Kirby's capabilities, but they are friends and work well together as they went to prom together just as friends as Hayley told Cadence.

Kirley MomentsEdit

It's All in the GameEdit

  • Hayley saved Kirby's life.


  • Kirby and Hayley pair through almost the entire episode.
  • They are the only two to dress up.

    Kirley Worried

  • Kirby and Hayley are both seen worried about Cadence see picture at right --->
  • Hayley seemed worried about Kirby getting sucked into the Refleto Oponis.
  • Hayley called Kirby "Monkey Boy" (as a refercence to Jake's comic) then grabbed his hand and they left.

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