First Appearance:

Forest Grump

Potrayed by:

Jessica Parker Kennedy






No known relatives

Other Relationships:


Laurel is a Dryad. She was introduced in Forest Grump and was later brought back in The Next Stop: Lakewood. It's shown that she loves her trees, but does long to have a relationship with humans as well. This is why she and Jake connect in Forest Grump as they both have an aspect of their lives that they have to keep hidden. She tries to "root" with Jake, implying that they'd spend eternity together as trees, until Hayley stops her and reveals her secret. In the end, Jake reasons with her to stop hurting people and promises to visit her. In the finale episode we learn that he kept his promise and sees Laurel every Wednesday (making Hayley jealous). She may or may not be Jake's girlfriend as he reacts defensively after they kiss in Next Stop: Lakewood.

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