Minor Pairings on the show are ships that are possible, yet not given much airtime, due to the relationship being hard to develop if a member only has a recurring and unstable role on the show. Some of the characters are just one-time appearance characters.

Ships can either be platonic friendships or romantic relationships.

Minor Ship MomentsEdit



Jake and LaurelEdit

Forest GrumpEdit

  • Jake and Laurel dated.
  • Jake spent most of his time with Laurel.

Felix and ErisEdit




  • Felix developed a crush on Eris.
  • Eris kissed Felix's cheek.
  • Felix tried to capture Eris.
  • Felix wanted to spend more time with Eris.

Cecillia and EtienneEdit

Road TripEdit

  • Cecillia mistook Etienne for Felix.


  • Etienne said he loved Valentines Day when she came but before he said he hated it.

Cadence and FelixEdit

The TriangleEdit

  • While attempting to fight with Hayley, Cadence ends up accidentally punching Felix after he unfreezes her.


The Monster WithinEdit

  • While Felix is about to fight a bully when the bully almost attacks him Cadence tackles him showing Cadence might care for Felix.
  • When Cadence is having a tantrum about what their having for lunch Felix stares at her.

Brian and HayleyEdit

  • Brian and Hayley dated.
  • Hayley loved the bear Brian gave her.
  • Brian dumped Hayley.
  • Hayley said "I like Brain" while she and Jake were having a pretend fight so Hayley could get Brain back.

Kirby and MorganEdit

Start Me UpEdit

  • Kirby thinks of Morgan as his rival.
  • It is revealed that Kirby and Morgan used to be in the Tulsa Troop.
  • Morgan always was in everything Kirby was in and won.
  • Kirby and Morgan make nice.
    Morgan and robot Kirby

    Morgan with Robot Kirby.

  • Morgan reveals everything she has ever done was to impress Kirby.
  • Kirby and Morgan kiss.

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