Pajama Game...of Death





Adam Weissman


Shawn Simmons

Original air date:

September 25, 2009

Production No:


Previous Episode:

Tentacle Face

Next Episode:

Taming of the Cube


Jake and Felix must infiltrate Hayley's slumber party to find out which one of them is hosting a horrible wasp monster.


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  • Jake: "At home, I'm kinda the wasp guy. If anyone sees a wasp, or a bee, they call me!" [A Vespinox flies up behind Jake and Hayley and Felix notice in horror] "What?"
  • Hayley: "Jake ..."
  • Felix: "You might wanna ..." [Felix twirls his fingers to signify turning around. Jake turns around and sees the Vespinox]
  • Jake: [after a long pause] "I'm gonna need a bigger broom ..."

  • Felix: "Okay, seriously, I am NOT getting stung! I'm allergic to bees and wasps!"
  • Hayley: "I'm pretty sure everyone's allergic to a 4-foot stinger stuck in their chest!"

  • Jake: "Get ready to be swept off your feet!" [Jake aims the Freeze Ray. Hayley and Felix look at each other, confused] "It would've made more sense with the broom. I had this whole thing figured out-"
  • Felix: "Take him out!"
  • Jake: "Right." [The Vespinox escapes. The Freeze Ray doesn't work] "Okay, who forgot to charge the Freeze Ray?!"
  • Hayley: "I had to charge my phone!"

[One of the cheerleaders is frozen in front of the bathroom mirror with the Freeze Ray in her arm raised to her head]

  • Jake: "Maybe we shouldn't charge a Freeze Ray that looks like a hairdryer next to the actual hairdryer!"

  • Hayley: "Not the Pulse Cannon!" [Felix blasts the Vespinox with the Pulse Cannon]
  • Felix: "Not the what?" [The Vespinox explodes, covering Jake, Hayley and Felix in Vespinox goo]
  • Jake: "And that's why we use a broom."

[Jake is using the broom to clean up the Vespinox goo]

  • Jake: [sarcastically] "The guy with the broom ain't looking so stupid now, is he."

  • Jake: "Like, the other day, I was thinking, 'What if my hair could talk?' "

[Jake and Felix are trapped in a Vespinox web]

  • Felix: "Yeah, bingo!!"
  • Jake: [excitedly] "A knife?"
  • Felix: "No. A hello-buddy nail file." [Two-second pause]
  • Jake: "Why do you have a nail file?"
  • Felix: "Because, Jake, Felice, my character, cares about her appearance!"


  • This is the first appearance of the Vespinox and Roxanne.
  • This episode takes place after Tentacle Face, as Jake was aware that adults are easily frightened by monsters in this episode.

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