"A troll-like being (much smaller than the Common Troll). They have massive, gnarled features (eyes, nose, ears), but the rest of their skin is unusually smooth. At night they emit a slight pinkish glow. Some Troops list among their abilities as shape-shifters, but that is up for debate. Some believe the Pukwudgie is simply elusive. The Wampanoag Native Americans became very skilled at their capture after the Puckwudgie Infestation of 1239."
―The Troop official site's description of the Pukwudgie




2-3 feet tall


35-60 lbs

Special Abilities:

Spit small, tooth-like shards that contain a lethal poison

Pukwudgies are small, troll-like monsters. They slightly glow pink in the dark, and can spit small, tooth-like shards which contain a lethal venom. Some Troops also classify Pukwudgies as shapeshifters, although the Troop debate this.

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