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Ice Hassles

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Being sarcastic




No known relatives

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Randall is a member of Troop International. He is generally sarcastic, egotistic, arrogant, cocky and rude, but has shown a warmer, more polite side to those that earn his respect. He was sent by International to Lakewood in Ice Hassles to contain Cadence and send her back to the Monster World, and to have the Lakewood Troop replaced for harboring her. But at the same time, Lakewood was invaded by an ice zombie infestation caused by an Ice Ghoul, and Randall and his escorts were overwhelmed and turned by the zombie hordes.

Randall and his escorts were among the zombie hordes gathered at the local ice rink, where Cadence took revenge on the zombified Randall by trapping him under the same electric net he had captured her in. Randall shortly thereafter turned back to normal when Cadence destroyed the Ice Ghoul, and as a reward for defeating the Ice Ghoul, he respectfully gave her a Troop badge and made her a new member of the Lakewood Troop.

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