Reflecto Luponis
Reflecto luponis



5 - 8 feet approx



Special Abilities:

Can hide in mirrors
Can drag victims into the mirror world

The Reflecto Luponis is a species of monster which hides in mirrors and can drag victims into the Mirror World.


Apparently, no-one has ever captured a Reflecto Luponis before.


A Reflecto Luponis invades Lakewood High, and due to many students checking themselves in mirrors for school photo day, it gains many victims.

When Cadence checks herself in the girls bathroom's mirrors and sees one of the monster's victims in the mirror, the monster attacks Cadence and drags her into the mirror. The Reflecto Luponis attacks the ballet dancers next through the mirrors in the gym.

Soon after, however, Jake, Hayley and Kirby break or cover up every mirror in the school save one on a locker, forcing the Reflecto Luponis to retreat into that single mirror.

However, when Kirby tries to get the mirror in a containment box, he accidentally looks into the mirror, causing the Reflecto Luponis to suck him into the mirror world, pounce out of the mirror and into Lee Stanley's belt buckle (due to Lee's untimely arrival). Jake and Hayley then force Lee into the containment box, and move him to the school cafeteria, where they forcefully drag the Reflecto Luponis out of the belt buckle.

Hayley then locks the belt buckle in the containment box, trapping the Reflecto Luponis with no mirrors to escape through. Jake and Hayley then try to use their weapons to destroy the Reflecto Luponis, but they have little effect on it. The principal then makes an announcement over the intercom, the high-pitched noises from the intercom disorienting the monster. Its weakness revealed, Jake uses a megaphone to amplify the high-pitched sound, destroying the Reflecto Luponis and freeing its victims.


A Reflecto Luponis will hide in a mirror until a victim comes close enough to the mirror. When they do, the Luponis will leap out of the mirror and drag the victim back in with it. Also, a Reflecto Luponis only stays in a certain area for one day for unkown reasons.



A Reflecto Luponis resembles a hunched, humanoid monster made of shards of silver glass, with long, thin arms and massive hands, double-jointed legs, and a dinosaur-like head with jagged teeth and glowing blue eyes and mouth.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Reflecto Luponises can hide in mirrors and leap out to drag victims into the mirror world with them. Also, if the monster is not captured soon enough, its victims become trapped in the mirror world forever.

It is also shown to be extremely durable, being able to survive being shot by a blaster through the stomach.


Also, if every mirror in the area invaded by a Reflecto Luponis save one is broken or covered up, the monster will be forced into the one remaining mirror. It can be destroyed by high-pitched noises.

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