Snarked Up





J.B. Sugar


Harry Hannigan

Original air date:

April 16, 2010

Production No:


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Itty Bitty Baby Dragon

Jake Hayley and Felix locate a griffin at a local carnival harrasing ranchers and stealing their cows while they attempt to shoot it the people see their fight against the griffin. When jake snarks them the snark comes out of its box it bites jake making his neck look weird. Jake realizes the snark wants to come out so he goes to troop hq to get it out. After the snark comes out Mr Stockey reminds Jake that the snark is now his son and he has to raise it until it can continue on its own. Jake names his son Elroy. Meanwhile at troop hq Hayley and Felix get armed up for their fight against the griffin Jake begins to get frustrated because raising elroy is hard But when his son is danger by the griffin Jake Saves him And brings him back to HQ to be sent to the Finland Troop and Jake learns what its like to be a parent





Season 1
Do The WormForest GrumpThere Is No "I" in Monster HunterWelcome to the JunglePajama Game...of DeathTaming of the CubeNo More Master Nice GuyThe Great PunkinTentacle FaceLost in TranslationThe Good, the Bad, and the Ickie DollThe SubstituteUnpleasantvilleMy Gus Is Back, and You're Gonna Be In TroubleSpeedI, MonsterA Moth to the SpotlightVampstersSnarked UpItty Bitty Baby DragonThe Wrath of the WraithHayley and Felix on the SideDouble FelixDon't Talk to Dr. CraniusBatteries Not IncludedThe Next Stop: Lakewood

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