Spark Monster
Spark monster

Start Me Up


1-3 inches



Special Abilities:

Can power and control machines

Spark Monsters are tiny, but malevolent monsters which resemble small balls of electricity.


At an unknown point, a Spark Monster was captured by the Tulsa Troop.

Start Me UpEdit

Morgan stole the captive Spark Monster and took it with her to Lakewood, where she used it as a power source for her Robot Butler.

However, as a result, the Spark Monster is eventually able to take over the robot and use it to cause chaos and frame Kirby.

When Morgan tries to remove the Spark Monster from the robot, it reveals its true colours and attacks, chasing her and Kirby out into the school grounds.

The robot later attacks Morgan and Kirby again, chasing them into the science fair. The robot is about to kill Kirby when Jake throws marbles in front of it, causing it to slip and fall into Kirby's massager machine. Morgan then activates the machine, disintegrating the robot. The remaining Spark Monster is then recaptured.


Though Spark Monsters are considered benign due to their natural form's harmlessness, they are actually intelligent and malevolent monsters bent on proving theirselves to be dangerous.



The Spark Monster resembles a tiny, glowing blue ball of electricity.

Special AbilitiesEdit

A Spark Monster possesses great intelligence, and can act as a power source for androids. However, they can also take control of the robot they are powering and use it for their own purposes.


In their natural form, Spark Monsters are completely harmless.

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