Start Me Up





Jay Kogen


Shawn Simmons

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August 6, 2011

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This Bird You Cannot Change


Morgan, Kirby's old rival joins The Troop from Tulsa and immediately challenges his chance of winning the science fair. She uses a small spark monster to power her butler robot that looks exactly like Kirby and turns evil and can't be defeated as Kirby defeats it when he traps in one of his inventions and captures the monster and she kisses Kirby. Meanwhile, Jake and Hayley compete to get Cadence's other ticket for a boy band concert, New Young Boys but give the tickets to Mr. Stockley as they think he has a sister who likes them but turns out he does like them.
Morgan and robot Kirby


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  • Jake: What’s going on?
  • Cadence: I’m trying to win two tickets to the New Young Boys concert.

  • Hayley: I know this guy who wore underwear on his head for a month to get it. It wasn’t a contest or anything. He just thought it would help.
  • Jake: Been there…
  • Cadence: Well, I do a lot of things but I’m not gonna make myself look like an idiot.


  • The band New Young Boyz is possibly a parody of real-life group New Boyz
  • It is possible that Jake is a good dancer due to the fact when he was dancing everyone came in and watched.
  • Morgan is apart of a different Troop
  • In this episode Hayley is seen wearing a Big Time Rush t-shirt.
  • Hayley mentions that she's been to a Dora The Explorer concert so it's possible she used to be a fan when she was little.
  • Jake makes a reference to True Jackson V.P. Jimmy's band Fire & Ice.

Season 2
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