The Triangle





Jon Rosenbaum


Thomas W. Lynch

Original air date:

June 25, 2011

Production No:


Previous Episode:

The Next Stop: Lakewood

Next Episode:

The Monster Within

The Triangle is the first episode of the second season of The Troop. It premeired June 25th.


Felix leaves Lakewood to join a school for geniuses. Jake is tricked by the new bad girl in school, Cadence Nash to go on a date when he intended on asking Hayley.


Felix leaves the Troop to try and get in a new school for geniuses. Meanwhile, Jake tries to ask Hayley out, but the new girl Cadence Nash tricks him in to asking her out. Felix then falls in love with a member of the school. Felix is then accepted, and goes to ask the girl out. Felix hears the girl screaming for help, and goes in the room her voice is coming from. He then finds out the school is actually a feeding ground for Brain Gorbs. Felix calls for help and Hayley and Jake run to the scene. Cadence follows, and duels Hayley. Hayley uses a Troop device freeze Cadence in mid-punch. Jake and Hayley then rush inside, and save Felix from the Brain Gorbs using Hip Hop music.





  • This is Cadence's first appearance.
  • Starting with this episode Hayley's hair is not as curly as it was in Season 1.
  • In this episode no one (including Hayley) knows Cadence secret.

Season 2
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