"The Vercingetorix is a Class 3 changeling whose initial appearance seems very meek as it looks like nothing more than a very ugly baby. But don't let its appearance fool you - at first chance the Vercingetorix will grab its victim, cocoon it up, and assume the victim's appearance."
―The Troop official site's description of the Vercingetorix
Vercingetorix (Verci)

I, Monster


20 inches


9-12 lbs

Special Abilities:

Class 3 changeling

The Vercingetorix, also known as the Verci for short, is a shapeshifting monster and Class 3 changeling. They assume their victims' forms and impersonate them.


A Vercingetorix will find, capture, and cocoon a victim, and then assume its form and place.

It may also return to the cocooned victim to devour it.



Vercingetorix are shape-shifters, therefore not having a specific form.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Can Cocoon People and transform to a like clone of the person It Coccooned.


When they assume the victim's shape, they do not get their knowledge, so someone who knows them well can spot out that he/she is a fake

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